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Where Does It Hurt

Where Does It Hurt?

During your lifetime, you have been disappointed, mistreated, abused, rejected and just plain had your heart broken. You could have fallen in love with someone who, for one reason or another, decided to no longer be in love with you. You are wounded. When a soldier is wounded, he or she retreats to an area in which healing can take place. The ability to still function as normal has now been impaired by the wounds. What does the soldier do while healing is taking place - resting and waiting on the healing. Until you experience the wholeness of God's healing, you will find it difficult to share your whole self with another person. A half person marrying a half person equals a half marriage. When you become healed, you can date again. When you can date again, you can love again. When you can love again, you can marry again. Love yourself enough to want to be healed. But first you have to be honest with yourself and answer the question Where Does It Hurt?

Excerpt from Chapter 6

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