• Dr. Ethel Chiles

He's Not Finished Until His Glory Is Revealed- Chapter 15

So you made a mistake, so what. You made the wrong decision, so what. You loved the wrong person, so what. God is awesome enough to ensure that good will comes from your trials, your mistakes, your failures, and your wrong decisions. I have memories of my mother baking cookies and eating the left over mix. Now if I had eaten the flour or baking soda by itself, it would have tasted horrible. However, once the flour, baking soda, other ingredients were mixed, the end product was tasty. In similar fashion, God takes all our failed relationships, broken hearts, mistrusted faith, and misplaced trust and creates a situation that makes us stronger. There is a story of a young man who was sleeping in his cabin. Outside the cabin the Lord appeared and told him to push against the rock with all his might. For years he pushed but then he felt he was a failure because the rock did not move and he said Lord, I have labored long and hard the rock did not budge. The Lord replied, I only told you to push against the rock, not move the rock. Look at yourself, your arms are strong and muscled, your back is strong, and your legs have become massive and hard. Now that you have been obedient, I, my child, will now move the rock. Through your opposition, your disappointments, your heartaches, you have grown much and your abilities now surpass that which you had before. You must understand that failure is something you do, it is not something you become. So know that God is not finished with you until His Glory is revealed.

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - He's Not Finished

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