• Dr. Ethel Chiles

I Need To Let Go

A man decided that he was going to climb a mountain. Instead of allowing someone to accompany him, he decided to do it alone. He embarked upon a venture that he had never before attempted. As he reached his first goal, he was so excited to finally find himself seeking to accomplish a dream of a lifetime. Darkness had started to peak its way into the evening. The climber knew that if he continued on this steady pace, he would reach his destination in time to ignore the darkess. As he was halfway to the top of the mountain, his foot slipped and he fell several feet before he came to a stop. He was hanging on for dear life but realized God was with him. He began to pray, God save me, I am out here alone. God said if you trust me to rescue you, then let go. After pondering this option for a few minutes, he began to yell for help again. The next morning the rescue team found him frozen hanging onto a rope two feet from the ground.

Too many times we have been in the same place, afraid to let go. You do not know what the future holds, you cannot see around corners and do not know how safe it is for you to let go. We would rather hold on to what we know. You ask how do I begin to let go of disappointments, hurt, abuse, deceit, bad relationships and loving someone who did not love me? Know this - there exist no amount of pain, no quantity of trials, and no measure of shed tears from which we cannot be delivered. You do not have a patent on pain and hurt - it happens to all of us. Letting go is both a decision and a process. Once you make the decision, the process has begun. You need to let go.

Excerpt from Chapter 14 - I Need to Let Go

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