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  • Dr. Ethel Chiles

He is Not Finished Until His Glory is Revealed

There was a time when I did not understand why hairdressers did not want you to look in the mirror at your hair until they were completely done with your style. We, however, at times, wanted to peek at how it was coming so that we could speculate on whether the style would turn out the way we wanted it. I have witnessed the panic on some women’s faces when they looked anyway and were so upset at the unfinished product. And yes the hairdresser had to explain they had more to do for the finished product. Isn’t that how we panic on God when we see ourselves unfinished, when we fail to realize that God is still working on us. The place that you are in right now is not where you were 5 years ago and you will be even different and better 5 years from now, we pray. So when others view you now and try to put you down because they are looking at the unfinished product, you should confidently know that God is not finished until His Glory is revealed.

If you have ever planted flowers, then you know that while flowers are in the seed stage, the seeds are flooded with water, walked on, and grows with weeds. As the fruit of the seed, the flowers start to grow; the weeds are pulled away from the flowers. You could easily panic watching the weeds grow with the flowers. Instead of focusing on the weeds, you put more focus on the flowers and its splendor. See your life that way everyday, stop allowing others to point out the weeds in your life. You made a mistake, so what, that’s a weed. God takes all of your relationships that did not work, broken hearts, mistrusted faith, and misplaced trust and creates a situation that makes us stronger. Failure is something that happens, it is not that which you become. You are not and never will be a failure.

Be encouraged to continue to give God glory, praise and honor Him through heartaches, disappointments and tribulations. When God gets the glory out of your life, you will receive a blessing. Spend some quiet moments with God and seek His direction and divine wisdom. Give God your hurts and failures. It is the glory of God when the waves meet face to face with the edge of the sea and when the ocean becomes so still that its waters become a mirror reflecting the awesome and powerful hand of God. God is not finished with you until His glory is revealed.

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