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Imperfect People Make Love Perfect

Imperfect People Makes Love Perfect

I am so thankful that God is a God of a second chance and if the truth is told, He has given some of us so many chances that we just do not wish to divulge the number of those chances. I never started a blog on singleness, love, and marriage because I envisioned myself as an expert. It is quite the contrary. I have made more mistakes than I care to share. My passion was only meant to perhaps share those life’s lessons that I learned, bring some hope and maybe just provide another way to think about it.

I have read this statement many times – “do not listen to the advice of anyone who has made mistakes in love and marriage. Instead, you should listen to someone who has shown you that their pursuit of love and marriage has been successful”. There is credence and value in someone who can share great advice in how to resolve conflict effectively and successfully. In fact, even those who have been successful maybe achieved that success because they were able to work through the imperfections.

We can all admit – there is a lesson learned from every mistake. We become wiser, stronger, and hopefully we make better decisions. I heard a well-known Bishop speak about the perfect picture that is sometimes painted about those who have been married for numerous years. Specifically, he said, “we should stop telling others yes we have been happily married for 50 years”. His position was - no you have not – you had to work through indifferences, disagreements, family issues, disappointments, and other challenges that remained between just the two of you. In other words, even those who made a decision to work through issues for 50 years had those imperfect moments. However, it was actually a decision to keep fighting that rewarded them with perfect love.

Let’s face it, two people make a decision – let’s make a go at this thing called love and marriage. They agree, the union is complete, and then the compromising journey begins. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it becomes more difficult. Then reality hits – I am not perfect, you are not perfect, oh my what do we do? You reach back and remember all the reasons you made that decision to come together in the first place. You accept the fact that imperfections are a way of life and instead of wishing that flaws and blemishes did not exist and that they would go away, you instead allow the strength and foundation of your love to become stronger than your indifferences.

So, stop wasting your time looking for that perfect soul mate who will arrive at your front door prepackaged as if you just pre-ordered him or her from an online shopping store. We cannot preorder a husband or a wife. Instead, gravitate to that person who makes you feel loved, special, and willing to work through every path of compromise. Your desire to win should become so strong that your only focus is enjoying the experience and the journey of two imperfect people who makes love perfect.

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